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Quality Identification of Filament Geotextile

Filament geotextile is a kind of geotextile, and there are many filament geotextile manufacturers on the market. Of course, this will inevitably lead to quality problems. Many customers are most concerned about the price of wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile. Little braids remind everyone that price is an aspect of learning filament geotextiles. It can never be too cheap. A person must be ill during some kind of transmission. Especially expensive, then you have to see where you are. It’s cheap, in fact, it won’t take long to break, and it will be troublesome to put it again, but it is the most expensive in the long run.

The national standard filament geotextile is made by stretching polyester particles. In order to increase profits, some manufacturers will use inferior materials, and the final result will not reach the national standard. How to identify filament geotextile?

Quality Identification of Filament Geotextile

We know that the quality of filament geotextile is not only related to the production process and experience, but also to the raw materials purchased. The products made from high-quality raw materials have bright colors, and the new materials are white, which has a strong sense of beauty. Second, we can distinguish good from bad by smell. Filament geotextiles made from new materials are usually green and environmentally friendly and have no particularly spicy taste. The wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile made of inferior materials may have a pungent smell, so the quality is not very good.

Finally, we can test the equipment through dedicated test equipment and then test whether it meets national standards. It is also important to see if the manufacturer of filament geotextiles has a “certificate of conformity” issued by some national competent authorities.

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