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Root Puncture Resistance of Geomembrane

The main functions of geomembrane are low investment, simple construction process, short construction period, good anti-seepage effect, high anti-seepage coefficient, etc. Among them, it has been widely recognized in puncture prevention and enhanced filtration.

Geotextile and LDPE geomembrane for sale are combined into a waterproof and impermeable material to prevent leakage and damage, it has high tensile strength, good breathability, high-temperature resistance, antifreeze, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti-mite, short Fiber-acupuncture composite geomembrane is a widely used geotechnical composition project, widely used in highway, railway embankment reinforcement, pavement maintenance, gymnasium, embankment protection, hydraulic construction fence, tunnel seaside painting, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects This is also the most obvious manifestation of the practical application of puncture prevention.

Root Puncture Resistance of Geomembrane

In the manual rolling workshop, the surface of the fabric should be flat and leave an appropriate amount of deformation. The stitching and welding width is usually greater than 0.1 m, and the lap width is generally greater than 0.2 m. For long-term exposed high quality LDPE geomembrane, it should be welded or stitched Most of the joints used to sew geomembrane are clue chain stitching methods. The suture should be made of resin material with minimum tension greater than 60N and is compatible with geomembrane or excessive chemical corrosion and ultraviolet radiation.

During the construction of the composite geomembrane produced by LDPE geomembrane manufacturers, use natural lap joints above the geotextile, and use joints or hot air welding above the geotextile. The preferred method for hot air welding is to add filament geotextile, that is, add two pieces of hot air gun cloth To the moment of high-temperature heating, some of the clothes were brought into a molten state, and immediately used some external force to make it firmly together. The geomembrane was welded with a double-roll hot-melt welding machine.

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