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Best Quality Geotechnical Cloth Geotech Fabric Geotextiles

Geotextiles area unit leaky nonwoven materials accustomed separate, filter, reinforce, defend or drain. Wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile permit filtration or separation of granular layers in roads and rail applications, used to defend membranes in lowland applications, used in coastal defense applications and employed in landscaping to shield surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth.

Geotextiles area unit availabel as plain-woven and non-woven.As liner protection, against physical harm, the nonwovens area unit commonly the solution. They are created of fibers of polyester or plastic in random directions and punched along by needles throughout the producing method. Polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price area unit commonly accustomed separate layers like clay and drain and to shield liner from harm.

Product Parameter

Item 100 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 800
The quality deviation per unit area,% -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5
Thickness, mm≥ 0.8 1.2 1.6 2.2 2.8 0.70 0.82 1.10 1.25
Width deviation,% -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5
Breaking strength, KN/m≥ 4.5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Breaking elongation,% 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80 40-80
CBR bursting strength, KN≥ 0.8 1.6 1.9 2.9 3.9 5.3 6.4 7.9 8.5
Vertical and horizontal tear strength, KN/m 0.14 0.21 0.28 0.42 0.56 0.70 0.82 1.10 1.25
Vertical permeability coefficient,cm/s KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2) KX(10-3~10-2)
Equivalent pore size090 /mm 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20

Product Feature

1. due to the thermal method, a lot of strength and fewer elongation is achieved with an equivalent weight.
2. needs a smaller hold.
3. may be factory-made up to a dimension of half dozen meters, resulting in less loss of fabric.
4. each white and tinted types of ge0textile area unit factory-made from 100% pure yarn. No recycled material is employed.
5. merchandise may be factory-made with surface weight starting from fifty gr/m2 to a thousand gr/m2.

Product Feature of Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile

Product Application Range

The nonwoven cloth may be employed in nearly any stabilization, separation or artifact application, and they area unit most typically employed in areas that conjointly need filtration. The non-plain-woven style of the fabric provides a higher rate of flow through, making it easier for water to taste the fabric. Some commen uses of the fabric include the following:
1. Road stabilization applications
2. Roofs
3. Civil applications
4. Railway work
5. lowland lining
6. Trenches
7. Dams
8. Filtration underneath rip rap and rocks
9. Environmental applications


Q: Where is your company located?
A: Youth Industry Park, Daiyue District, Shandong, Tai’an, China.
Q: What’s your delivery method ?
A: By sea , By train, By ari, depend on your country.
Q: What’s your MOQ quantity ?
A: MOQ is one 20′ container , the quantity could be negotiable.
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are factory.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.
Q: What are your terms of payment?
A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us at any time.

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