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Characteristics and Methods of Geotextile Welding Machine When Constructing Subway

For the geotextile welding used in the construction of the subway waterproofing project, the crawler welding machine is generally used for the operation. When using the crawler welding machine to weld the waterproof board, it must be fully welded and leak-proof bentonite waterproof blanket. In the next operation, the high quality filament nonwoven geotextile welding machine is mainly composed of an electric heating system, a welding pressure adjustment system, and a transmission system. The three systems of grass-proof fabrics are integrated. The integration of the three systems determines the functional characteristics of the geotextile welding machine.

1. Electric heating system: The heating temperature of the electric heating wedge adopts closed-loop temperature control to realize continuous adjustment.
2. Welding pressure adjustment system: continuous adjustment can be used to support the work of the welding machine.
3. Transmission system: It adopts a double-wheel synchronous drive of the upper and lower pressure rollers, and can automatically control the system with a speed measuring generator to adjust the welding speed so that it will not be affected by load changes.

Characteristics and Methods of Geotextile Welding Machine When Constructing Subway

Three methods of geotextile welding:
1. Lap joint method: Apply geotextile to the joint of thin filament nonwoven geotextile for sale in the project.
2. Welding welding method: the core of the anti-seepage geotextile and anti-seepage geotextile is selected by fully automatic wedge type double welding automatic welding electromechanical welding, which can be inflated to check the quality of the joint, and the total width of the steel bar overlap is based on the automatic welding machine Pick. For complicated locations or partial repairs, high-temperature automatic welding machines and press-out welding machines are available.
3. Adhesive method: Adhesive can be used for bonding when the polyester yarn is thermally bonded and impervious to polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price. The anti-seepage geotextile adopts the method of leaving the steel bar to overlap the seam. Generally, the pE film layer is welded by welding, and the seam method is used for the non-proof cloth layer.
A good understanding of the functional characteristics of the geotextile welding machine can better perform the geotextile welding work. For the method of geotextile welding work, you can also refer to the above methods and choose the appropriate method in the actual construction. Construction works.

Before laying the wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile, the construction personnel must inspect the surface of the membrane and the joints to determine whether there is any damage or foreign substances that may cause damage. Defects were found during the self-test Places need to be marked, so what technical requirements should be met during self-inspection and repair?

Characteristics and Methods of Geotextile Welding Machine When Constructing Subway

1. All geotextiles and seams must be checked. Defective geotextiles and stitches must be cleared and repaired on the cloth.
2. The patch material used to repair holes or cracks should be consistent with the polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale.
3. The worn geotextile must be repaired by laying and thermally connecting small pieces of geotextile. The small piece of geotextile should be at least 200mm longer than the edge of the defect. During the thermal connection, strict control is required to ensure that the geotextile patch and the geotextile are tightly combined. The most important thing is that there is no damage to the geotextile.
4. The patch should extend at least 30 cm beyond the damaged polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price.

Before the laying of the geotextile, the acceptance and visa recognition should be carried out in time. When laying, roll out the roll and check the appearance quality. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited in the laying place. The work shoes worn by the construction personnel and the construction machinery used should not cause damage to the geotextile.

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