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Characteristics of Impermeability Grade of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

The intumescent waterproof blanket is filled with high-expansion natural sodium-based bentonite between the special waterproof geotextile and the non-waterproof cloth. The bentonite waterproof mat formed by acupuncture will cause many small plant fiber space environments, which will prevent the bentonite particles from circulating freely. Solve the problems of sealing, isolation, and leak-proof, with good effect and strong resistance to destruction. Impermeability grade characteristics of GCL geosynthetic clay liner factory price: sodium-based bentonite will produce high-density diaphragm when it meets water under working pressure.

The channel foundation should be based on the design requirements of the permanent building. Because the mudstone has the characteristics of gathering or exposing the weatherable layer when it encounters water, it is necessary to store a 20-30cm thick steel protection layer behind the foundation pit of the canal, and then excavate the foundation pit during paving. Check and consider the scheme design and quality requirements, which is conducive to the production process of the construction operation process of the building project.

Characteristics of Impermeability Grade of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

1. The base layer of this project refers to the bottom edge of the backfill soil layer. The surface of the base should be flat and smooth, and there should be no rock layers and other sharp objects protruding up and down 2 cm, and there should be no obvious gaps.

2. The surface of the base layer should be basically dry with no obvious residual moisture. If there is residual water on the ground, the sewage pipeline project should be carried out first, and the sewage pipeline can be provided with water outlets, ditches, and pits.

3. Analyze the specifications of the topography and landform to be laid, prioritize, and formulate a reasonable laying plan. The lapped surface of the bentonite geosynthetic clay liner for sale reinforcement shall not have gravel soil, residual water (including mildewed water), and other deposits that affect the quality of the reinforcement lap.

4. According to the conditions of the road surface, the length and the total width of the raw materials, formulate a reasonable road emergency plan and prepare for cutting. When paving, the cut raw materials should be carefully and slowly rolled up, transported to the paving location by human resource management personnel or industrial equipment, and then leveled according to the regulations. The waterproof blanket vertically overlaps with the steel bar in the direction of water flow, that is, the upper, middle and downstream waterproof blankets are laid on the middle and downstream waterproof blankets.

5. According to the connection plan, the high quality bentonite geosynthetic clay liner should be level and the steel bars overlap. The seams between the blankets should be separated to avoid connecting the seams as much as possible. The length and total width of the bentonite waterproof blanket should overlap 25 cm, and the seam should be free of wrinkles, crystals, and other raw materials. At a distance of 25 cm, lay a 10 cm long and 1 cm high bentonite powder reinforcement tape by manual customer service phone, and overlap it between two layers of bentonite geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers. Use bentonite slurry on steep slopes and special locations. Add water (net weight ratio 1:3) to the bentonite powder and mix well until a smooth and soft paste is obtained.

6. Check the appearance quality, record, and repair the hidden defects of industrial equipment, production and processing wounds, holes, and other defects. When defects or hazards such as holes are found, they should be covered and repaired with bentonite powder or high quality GCL geosynthetic clay liner and damaged bentonite powder with an increased size of 30cm, and the edges should be treated in accordance with the requirements of steel bar overlap.

7. The construction of a bentonite waterproof blanket should be carried out at an average temperature without rain and snow. In case of rain or snow during construction, the plastic film should be added to prevent the GCL geosynthetic clay liner for sale from solidifying in advance.

8. Before laying the bentonite waterproof blanket and replacing the filling masterbatch, in order to prevent the joint from moving, the joint, that is, the joint between the bentonite waterproof blanket and the plain soil must be fixed by lifting. Prior to this, construction work should be carried out to replace the filling masterbatch to prevent the GCL geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers from being excessively pre-folded due to groundwater or rainfall, resulting in reduced ground waterproofing effect.

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