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Geomembrane Guarantees Impermeability

Geomembrane laying construction

1. The upstream dam slope is leveled with a slope of 1:1.5, artificially compacted, the relative density of rolling is not less than 0.7, and the flatness is required to be less than 5 cm; afterward, a medium-fine sand cushion is laid from bottom to top, with a thickness of 500 mm Gradually reduced to 300 mm.

2. In order to speed up the laying speed, this project requires first bonding two layers of textured geomembrane for sale with KS glue, the bonding width is not less than 10 cm and the thickness is 0.6 mm, and then paste a layer of geomembrane 8 cm wide at the joint, Geomembrane guarantees impermeability;

3. When laying the LDPE geomembrane for sale, the joints are folded, and the folding width is 20-25 cm. The folding width of the slot and other places should not be less than 50 cm so that the entire geomembrane is loose along the dam axis;

4. The geomembrane of this project is a polyethylene film, which is suitable for welding by a hot welding machine at the construction site. The specific model is 2PH-213. Before welding, it is required to manually clean the welding position of the wholesale LDPE geomembrane and lay it flat. It is very important to control the temperature and walking speed during the welding process. This project requires welding temperature to be controlled at 2500℃-320℃, and walking speed to be controlled at 1.5m/min-2.0m/min. Before formal construction, a test should be conducted to ensure that the parameters before construction are reasonable.

Geomembrane Guarantees Impermeability

Construction of medium and fine sand cushion

1. First, sieve out coarse particles with a particle size greater than 5 mm from the bedding sand, and lay from the lowest point of the upstream slope. This project requires the thickness of the cushion layer to be 300-500 mm, so the cushion layer should be laid to the specified thickness at one time instead of laying in layers.

2. Use a wooden board to level the cushion and sprinkle water to achieve the designed dry bulk density. The environmental geomembrane manufacturers can be laid immediately after the width of the underlying layer exceeds 4m. The medium-fine sand cushion is still on the geomembrane, and the construction steps are the same as the underlying cushion. Cushion construction uses manual compaction, and no machinery is allowed.

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