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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Anchoring Composite Geomembrane?

During the construction of the composite geomembrane, some anchoring may be required due to the terrain. There are many ways to carry out the anchoring, and there are some precautions when anchoring. Let ’s take a look together What should be paid attention to when anchoring the composite geomembrane?

1. There are many methods for anchoring composite geomembrane specific steps of impermeable membrane welding: groove anchoring, nail anchoring, expansion bolt anchoring, embedded parts fixing, etc. Sewage ponds are usually fixed with pre-buried or expansion screw clamps.

2. The width of the bead is not less than 2cm, the thickness is not less than 2mm, the distance between the expansion bolts should not be greater than 600mm, and anti-corrosion measures should be taken where the bead is exposed outside.

Precautions when anchoring geomembrane

3. The bolt diameter is not less than 4mm, and the spacing is not more than 0.5mm. During construction, first, use the prepared sandbag to temporarily fix the membrane in place to prevent the strong wind from blowing and shifting the membrane, and then anchor the expansion bolt.

4. If the embedded parts have been buried in the tank, then only the extrusion welding machine is needed to weld the membrane to the composite geomembrane embedded parts.

Smoking is prohibited at the construction site of the composite geomembrane, and it is not allowed to wear shoes with iron nails or high-heeled hard soles to walk on the membrane surface. After the construction is completed, it is not allowed to engage in anything that may damage the finished composite geomembrane Active anti-seepage membrane is constructed below zero degrees celsius, these should be paid attention to during construction.

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