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Details of Geotextile Construction

In general, when we perform geotextile construction, we must properly handle the details to ensure that the quality of the filament nonwoven geotextile factory price construction is the best. For the details of the processing work is very important in the entire process, then in What details should be paid attention to when constructing geotextile?

When we need to use anchoring in some garbage dumps, artificial lakes, and water channels, we must do some detailed node treatment, and the overall density must reach more than 90%. It is best to use concrete for backfilling. This method is particularly critical for us.

We must really ensure that the friction generated by the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price can better resist some specific pulling forces so that it will be more secure for future use, so any person in the process of doing, we need to be active Took into account the situation in this regard.

Details of Geotextile Construction

If it is not considered at all, then it will cause the failure of the entire project, so any construction unit will ensure that the entire project is more safe and reliable. Targeted attention to this aspect and then complete some specific details, these will be more secure for our entire next thing.

When laying the wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile in the construction process, it can be made more rigorous and reliable, and better to complete the treatment. We actually have to carry out the construction, then we should buy relatively high-quality raw materials, but also strictly control the quality and abide by the relevant construction specifications.

When using geotextile, we can really deal with some details better, pay attention to all aspects correctly, and constantly learn more, which will have some significance for all of us.

Geotextile as a good raw material for the waterproof layer has been widely used in construction. Under normal circumstances, the leakage of polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale is closely related to the types of defects and the hydrophilicity of the underlying foundation layer and the touch standard. The shortcomings of geotextile can not be seen on both sides of the hole. The confinement can be regarded as random discharge.

Leakage at the defect of the bottom plate with a permeability coefficient greater than 10-1 cm / s can be considered as unrestricted free flow. According to the empirical formula, the current permeability coefficient of the geotextile is greater than 104-105 times, and the effect of seepage is reduced. The polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price defect of the buffer can be ignored. The leakage defect can still be calculated according to the formula.

In the geotextile anti-seepage project, once the geotextile has defects, its prominent hazard is the defect seepage problem. Although people have noticed the problem of leakage of geotextile defects, due to the complexity of the problem, there are few relevant studies that generally believe that geotextile causes product quality consistency, because the pore size is significantly smaller than the thickness of filament nonwoven geotextile for sale. Leakage can be calculated by the formula.

Due to product quality, design, construction, operation, etc., the macro defect shape of various high quality filament nonwoven geotextile is very random. In addition to the obvious gap defects, the size of defects can generally be expressed by the aperture of a circular defect of equivalent area, called the equivalent aperture.

The above is the relevant method on how to measure the seepage flow of the geotextile. I hope that the above content can bring some help to everyone because the equivalent diameter of the macroeconomic disadvantages of most geotextiles significantly exceeds the thickness of the filament nonwoven geotextile manufacturers, so when the project is under construction We must pay special attention to the problem of water leakage.

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