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Dimple Drainage Board Knowledge

Plastic drainage board is made of polyethylene (HDPE) plastic plate after stamping into a conical process table, it can resist long-term high pressure, will not produce deformation of drainage materials. It is 3 meters in width and 10 to 30 meters in length.

The drainboard can be used as a composite filter geotextile to ensure that the drain passage is not blocked by foreign matter, such as backfill or concrete. Drainage board set drainage as one, successfully solve the relationship between waterproof and drainage, both in drainage function, economic benefits are better than the traditional stone particle drainage and other filter layers.

Dimple Drainage Board Knowledge

Application: the drainage board is used for planting roof, underground building, tunnel, and another engineering, at the same time in the roof garden, outdoor garage roof greening, retaining wall, basement, tunnel, subway, underground foundation engineering, slope protection, and highway subgrade drainage, widely used.

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