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The Main Function of Composite Geotextile

Composite geotextile is a widely used sealing material. You can see composite geotextile in many engineering constructions. It can be said that composite geotextile must be used in many factory constructions. What are the specific functions of the service life of waterproof geotextiles?

Main Function of Composite Geotextile

1. Reinforcement and stabilizing effect: It can make local stress on the soil be transmitted or distributed to a larger area, stably limiting the deformation and settlement of geotechnical engineering during long-term use.

2. Isolation: Use geotextile to isolate different geotextile materials to form a stable interface, so that they can play their own characteristics and overall role according to the design requirements.

3. Protective effect: The composite geotextile has a good anti-puncture ability, so it has good protective performance.

4. Drainage filter function: The geotextile can pass water and block the loss of sand particles. Place the geotextile horizontally in the channel of the flowing liquid with suspended particles to prevent fine mud particles and allow the liquid to pass through.

The above is the main function of the composite main function of seepage geotextile. When using the product, we also need to pay attention to certain construction methods, so as to ensure that our engineering quality is qualified, and we must pay attention to product quality selection for product purchase. To the right product.

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