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How to Choose High-quality Filament Geotextile

Due to the increasing demand for the number of filament geotextiles, the market for filament high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid is becoming more and more competitive. In the face of such a fierce market environment, how can we as consumers choose more What is the appropriate filament geotextile?

1. Check the defects. Knitted polyester fabric has many appearance defects, and more serious defects will jeopardize the actual effect of wearing. Such as leaky needle hole, lack of wire, hook wire, broken head, wire tension, and more serious weft slope. The lightest defects, such as color cast, curling, bad edges, stitching, nodules, color flowers, light back, oil color silk, large and small silk, etc. Although the cloth with slight defects can be worn, it is harmful to the grade of textiles.

2. Look at the appearance. The appearance of filament uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale is closely related to the fabric structure. In the selection, it is also necessary to observe the gloss, color, and pattern of the textile. If you use two hands to pull the textile to see its vertical or horizontal ductility and ductility, is it very easy to deform?

3. Look at the level. Knitted polyester fabrics are divided into first-class products, second-class products, third-class products, and other foreign products according to their quality. For how to choose the right filament geotextile, we need to pay attention to the matters that need to be introduced here. I hope that the above suggestions can effectively help you to choose the right product more easily when buying filament fiberglass geogrid factory price.

How to Choose High-quality Filament Geotextile

The durability of the geotextile is not only reflected in his corrosion resistance but also in the resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes, as well as the effects of chemical and biological erosion and hydrolysis, freeze-thaw changes and mechanical wear and creep performance are very good. Performance. Generally, the main cause of the aging of wholesale fiberglass geogrid is direct ultraviolet radiation.

The aging resistance of polyester fabric geotextile is better than polypropylene fabric, but when ultraviolet light and moisture synergistic effect, the embrittlement rate of polyester fabric textile will accelerate. If polypropylene fabric adopts anti-aging agent and carbon black, it can Slow down embrittlement. If the high quality gravel geocell is protected from direct ultraviolet light, its embrittlement rate can become smaller and smaller when buried in soil or water.

Geotextile is a raw material with high tensile strength, while the soil is a raw material with low tensile strength. The fusion of the soil layer and the geosynthetic material can improve the work capacity of carrying the load. The level of compressive strength improvement lies not only in the compressive strength of the geosynthetics but also in the size of the sliding friction between the geosynthetics and the soil.

The effective addition of compressive strength raw materials (China dimple drainage board suppliers) to the sand can change the in-situ stress in the soil and constrain the longitudinal deformation of the sand, thereby improving the reliability of the structure. The durability of geotextile chemical fiber is greatly harmed by positive ions of metal materials, followed by water, and less by acid and alkali; under the condition of the force, the durability of geotextile will also be reduced.

How to Choose High-quality Filament Geotextile

In summary, the reasons for the aging of geotextiles are moisture temperature and ultraviolet rays. The three have certain effects on the aging of the wholesale dimple drainage board, but the combination of them further promotes aging. Therefore, we must consider the impact of the environment on the geotextile when laying.

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